The Band

Carson has just recently formed a new band and they have been performing bluegrass, old-time and gospel music at local venues around the region. The band consists of Tom and Bobbie Dier from Green County, TN and Carson’s father Jamie Peters. Tom plays the bass or “big fiddle” as Carson calls it. In addition to playing a great bass for the band, Tom is also a writer and loves to farm on their property in Greene County. Bobbie is a musician of many talents and has been an avid bluegrass and old time music fan for many years. Besides playing the mandolin for over thirty years, she also plays banjo, guitar, and mountain dulcimer. The rhythm guitar in the band is played by Carson’s father Jamie. Carson is truly blessed to have these fine Christian musicians in his band.

Tom Dier - Bass

Bobbie Dier - Mandolin and Banjo

Jamie Peters - Guitar

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